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last five ark sz

hell was a place i knew a long time ago
everything was dark there were mazes all around
here is where i am here is where i was
here is where i dont want to be
hell was a place i found by mistake
a gardens secret yet inviting door
leading to a place
im trying hard to let go

from the down side to the upside
from the inside to the outside
there ill be making my vocabulary overstand this
aint no mountain high enough valley low enough
i will cross over the wake and take it all
inside stride seven cracks in the walls of ya concrete
roots to mother nature found the foundation
seperating us with characterisation
sensation in my body feel life never tires
and the ways of the world inspire
myself an entire beeing is fact
ancient artifact shows a generation try and understand
and a man-made decision in division all men
then again when or why must eye reign speech
everyone and each must reach for the step they
wanna climb to there is always time to
lift an uplift with the gift we are all blessed
lesson and test much more and no less.


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