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[ja rule]
cmon, lets get
pop in love
i know you pop-u-lar
admitted the club
but i just wanna toss you up
before i
swallow you whole
i need to wash it down
tell your girls
avion indulge you to hang out
+intoxicate me+
me oh my
free my mind
freak all night
its evident
when two worlds collide
your twice as hot
wet through
the new extras
get you by in life
high on life
i wonder what
life would be like
if no more
women were dykes
and trick hard at low prices
its a cold, cold world (yeah)
how do we relieve that stress (ex)
you know
pop them thangs
to get extra horny baby girl
you on one
you cant ignore me
rule and missy-e
how you love that
with i-g
its murda i-n-c, nigga
(hook) [tweet]
hey (hey boy)
get me high tonight
take me away (take me)
come inside my world
come ectasy (ectasy)
let me show you love
between you and me
let me love you boy
[missy elliot]
you want freak
i love a lot of excitement
i excite men
i make em dirty and trifling
i, been known to leave em frightening
stifling all in love
by the end of the night
and i, want a big "don john"
to pop a few woodies
and make the john last long
ex, now you can serve that
cuz no doubt its murda
ya heard that
now that you got my feeling
high to heaven, knows
tight as the pussy holes
so, lord knows
it stick to your ex-o
them hoes
to freak shows
you know how it goes
comin out of my clothes
[missy elliot]
im coming outta my clothes
you better, dick me down
then uh, turn me round
then uh, lay me down
cuz uh, you got me high a kite (ja-rule)
yo, i scream your name tonight
let me take a look in your eyes
u got my hyponitized like the late b-i g
hey ohhhhhhh take me away


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