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watching me ark sz

believe me baby, hear me fear me feel me thats why they all want to kill me
dead two in the head, a nigga not soon as i get the drop pull up and pop come
and test me silence the brethern vicious style juice running through my head
rest how many want to die nigga thats my concept its irrational im erratic like
mike douglas in falling down im losing sight now i can hardly see and smoking
all this fucking weed i can barely breathe i might tell a bitch please squeeze
on these run up in a tele drugged up

are you watching me-they be watching, niggas they be watching,-keep watching
me, now dont look down are you watching me, they be watching, bitches they be
watching, keep watching, keep watching me, dont look, down

whos watching me come on watch as i creep through your block in a hard top drop
with my beat on knock cause cops i aint standing and gangstas know catchings
before hangings and my dogs keep banging cause aint shit changed hustlers yall
keep slanging we stuck in the game with not a lot togain and everything to lose
but we soldiers that frontline in days if rule we do homicide drive by cocked
and spray if you the last one standing you about to lay 6 ft underground watch
me now stop me how yall niggas trying to cop my style i spit nothing but hot
ones, and pop guns, make it hard for niggas to function who want some of the
rule baby im legally considered crazy thats the way the lord made me this world
cant change me and thats the way it will be caught in the dark till the light
shines on me im a slave in this game and im breaking free so keep watching me.


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