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rule wont die outro ark sz

what has this world come to whats a nigga like me to be perceived that american dream life aint always what it seems my youngings please believe it struggling always provokes to hustling to what we accustomed you get acquainted to everybody throughout the hood still dont trust them trust is a serious thing most niggas dont trust nobody they aint know since 16 does that mean the devil is in us of course who think is holding us up to fall short touch but dont taste tatse but dont swallow and these are the rules that we supposed to follow people pray for eternity never see tomorrow they be wishin the lord will take them away from the horror that im currently bringing yall motherfuckers gonna have to murder me swinging bud i wont die!

feel what im saying niggas better start saying prayers cause a nigga with no cares is finally here say what i want fuck police cause my gangster niggas know we own the streets with the wind beneath my wings ground under my feet im the black rose nigga that grew from the concrete it is the rule geet it right or get it real hot a whole lotta shots sent flying through your block pop the one i need and oh before i leave does anybody else feel they dont wanna breathe a menace in this society since conceived and nigga you know cold hearts dont bleed still they pray for eternity never seeing tomorrow they just wishing the lord will take away the horror that im currently bringing yall motherfuckers gonna have to murder me swingin the rule wont die!
taken from http://www.defjam.com copyright 1999


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