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one of us ark sz

(one of us) yeah, rule
(one of us) yeah, nigga
if god were one of us
(one of us) what about that?
what if he was?
what if he was me?
(one of us) what the fuck would i do?
lord, when i die pacify, crucify me
i rock a double cross, ones for the soul ones for the body
if im built in gods eyes, i wanna see god cry
real tears from a burned out life of ten years
i swear i got the devil in me, with no fear
if i hear i cant see, if i cant see i cant hear
its the eerie little thing between deafness and blindness
weakness and kindness, rejects and crime
im mindless when im hollerin "dear, lord take me" (one of us)
cuz i aint really happy here, can you blame me?
this game done changed me, made me an animal
i cant even laugh no more, my kids smile for me now
im the one-and-only, my mommas only child
lord, save me before i go crazy
cuz if you, live through the rain just
to die from the pain
tell me, would you believe that you could breathe again?
if god were one of us (one of us)
would he sin and love to lie? i wanna know
if god were one of us (one of us)
would he freak and live his life? i wanna know
if god were one of us (one of us)
would he use his name in vain? i need to know
if god were one of us (one of us)
would he believe that he could breathe again?
yo, yo
now lets look at things from a right hand
would if you was that man
would you run wit me? gun wit me?
would you understand the husstlin, the struggeling
livin amongst dope heads, raisin your kids and runnin from the feds
wed be bound to bump heads, cuz you livin my life
all righteous, and you said livin righteous was right
but theres two sides to life - one dark, one light
if you lighten up forever you can live thru the night
grab them guns over there, and bring em on ova here (one of us)
cuz my god is bigger down your god down there
now we ride jet sled baby, bubble in ba-namb
cuz rule and the lord got it goin on
been, known to do, bad shit, im so heavenly, but so devilish
if, you, live through the rain just to die from the pain, tell me
would you believe that you could breathe again?
yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
lets trade places, rule be spirit, god be flesh
and lets see just how, weak the flesh gets
now you call on me, every night bended knee
until your start to realize i aint answerin
now you hang up the phone, lord, pick up the chrome, lord
can i blame you, lord, for needina feed whats yours
got a wife that you love, yet you still lust whores
and im supposed to judge you, on earth where its ugly
you might as well aim at the sky, slug me (one of us)
cuz i aint bein a fair god, when life is so hard


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