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love me, hate me ark sz

do you love me, do you hate me (4x) yeah yeah!

this world loves me this world loves me not im torn between the best of both cause im hot and this game so real to me, literally got niggas that wanna riddle me get rid of me r-u-l-e need i say more world hope yall prepared for the chaos cause yall want the beast in me so im a give it paint pictures vivid live high on spirit heres your hole jump in it thats what you might as well do if you gonna live life timid and i never been intimidated believe me and i dont want to fucking breathe easy i wanna make it hard for these niggas so when they cant stand me i make these niggas cant feed their families now do you love me or do you hate me come on and get me i keep it off safety

do you love me, do you hate me ready or not here i come (2x)

its nothing but love spread between me and my niggas shit we bust guns together and fuck so many bitches and i know that hell is calling in the name of the lord just let a nigga in cause i aint did nothing wrong love thyself and harm other niggas that wanna stop my health is that failure cause life will nail ya hand over hand blood over water man vs. man its murder if im gone be hated to be loved i prefer to live wild and die from slugs what you want from me lord im only human though i bear your name im a devil in chains release me cause lord only knows it aint easy and when im scared for life and i knows that he sees me now do you love me nigga or do you hate me nigga come on and get me in waiting nigga


yall just wanna watch me rise then watch me fall before its all done im a die from it all might od in a club of drugs like river phoenix or get shot down like big and pac for my genius i know this world seen it before well here i come i know that yall fiending for more and im not done as long as i run concurrent like state time keep up a sane mind and hand on my iron im a blast off mine look in the eyes of a nigga who seldomly cries gotta beautiful wife and kids why me got cash, jewels, cars, and cribs why me? if this is good living lord why me? when i live so dirty that you feel im worthy to be #1 the worlds only begotten son here i come



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