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beautiful world ark sz

progress is methodic meaning step by step
too much too long too many minds have slept
as the world grows grey throw away mass produce
what are we to do now all hell has broken loose
the noose in the gallows is shallow like the man
who mean and selfishly brings about the master plan
so the rich get richer and the poor get suppressed
killing off the lesser like a parasite or pest
in the beast we dwell never my soul i sell
will i kiss and tell? check the next episode
as the plot thickens minds stricken with dilemma
from the hand of the wicked the bad meaning wicked
im on the other frequency for the time being
everythings okay as long as my third eye seeing scenery
thru the retina translated by the brain
then conveyed to the soul
we must seize control

all mistakes in the past i try and shut it out
i cant be taking it no more so wont you cut it out
all of this driving ambition i must let it out
sometimes i gotta do for self thats what its all about
making light steps on the ground touch down in the west
less i be mistaken i see many bows are breaking
but i was only shaken my cerebral stays stable
lay my hands upon the table cos im willing and im able
when the time comes i travel over to the top
climb higher embark like the spark in my veins bloodfire
try again to try my patience and you never will succeed
my inner space attacks the master race
my profession that is the most
cos youre the listener and im the humble host
so welcome to the distorted alternative view
as the mind showing the way to the few.


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