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i cry ark sz

[lilmo] (chorus)
when i cry, you cry,
we cry, together
said i cry, you cry
we cry, together
said i cry, you cry
we cry, together
said i cry, you cry
we cry together
[ja rule]
i love my life, i love my wife
bad time to prevail, it overwhelmed me
im livin in hell, but livin wealthy
and know these hoes love me because im a star
i cant even cop a drink at the bar
get me some bottles of that remi mar-tin
lets get the party
cracking right here fuck v.i.p
now when my baby loves me
home wit tears in her eyes
and when i get in, i hurt her more by tellin her lies
she aint surprised at me
just surprised that we
been together for this long
and i can be
the one to mistreat her
thought it last forever
cuz if i cry, you cry
we cry together
[ja rule]
from, what i recall we was lil niggas
cuttin school gettin high wit da hottest bitches
liven life so free
that we aint fearin
the, ills of the world
in heat of drug dealin
you and i then made a killin
and stuck together
in this land of forbidden treasure
love is the only evil seed that could sever
a tied this close
not the love between us but your love for the dough
you went o.t started makin m-o-n-e-y
all my good niggas gottta die
but shit could last forever
i wish shaft was pleasure
cuz when you die
i cried, we cried together
[ja rule]
wash away your tears(my love)
you aint gotta cry no more(my love)
im putting on everything out(my love)
and my pain its my love
and i want
this world to smile for me
dont shed a tear cuz the nigga died happily
my momma warned me life was a mothafucka
but i ignored the warning and kept on hustlin
and every night she just look at me wit
tears in her eyes and they be saying shit like
"i dont want my baby to die"
brought so much pain into a life
gotta make it better
cuz when ma cried i cried
we cried together
you cry, then i cry
then we cry
when he cries
i cry together, together
when i cry, then you cry
then well cry, together
baby, cuz when
ja cries, mo cries
well cry, together
if he cries, ill cry
then well cry, together


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