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money aint never been nothing, i hit the block if this shit get ugly and it
aint never been in my heart to let niggas thug me hit the dealer and cop a
drop if the eyes is buggy and pull up in front of the spot cause the mommies
love me its gangsta yeah and aint no nigga gone match me stocky chubby nigga
voice real raspy i see uou real flashy but that aint gone last nigga pop fire
off shots and thats your ass nigga its war now thats why i keep the four
with long nozzle 600 bad bitch on it holding down the throttle and fuck that
beef shit cause some beef wont die and some niggas will say they gangsta but
they wont rise so why its hard for you to decide ill let it fly 40 shots hit
your ride up hit the tropics and hide up under palm trees to white sand
everything is a price man you snipe when bullets are piping hot when its your
flesh it begin warming you nw die motherfucker die! cause im tired of warning

yeah we hear now-die motherfucker-dont get scared now die-motherfucker black
child im off parole its murder now in a hood near you about to burn it down
word to god it feels like im from every hood cause when you ghetto your ghetto
with gats you good sell cracks if you could bust your gat when you should its
for my blacks from the bricks back to inglewood we eat together nigga fuck the
crossroads in this world my flow is another lost soul my shit sounds like shots
from a 4 pound for these bitch clowns its war now its all about paper thats
my issue fuck peace you can have a piece of the pistol.

chorus (2x)
everybody gone die but nobody want dead (die motherfucker die) its your life
everybody wanna live but they wanna live scared (die motherfucker die) thats
your life

niggas know the truth rule raises the roof cause i pop more shots than abdul
rauf and when the concludes i bring closure to the situ come thru squeeze 8 out
the stolen black pinto niggas know my mental kill or be killed head for the
hills but dont never slide down it if you to high ground it (puff, puff) uhhh!
is how it sounded 2 shots thru and silent and 1 nigga stripped of his talent
new fucking yiddy city the sex and violence where first time offenders get
floated to the island and one time give a nigga one time breathe wrong and a
nigga have a blown mind i blow lines like an addict bust guns erratic shine
blind like carats rules above average me and this music make a marriage so i
thee wed till im either jailed or dead motherfuckers! feel me niggas!


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