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charlotte church, charlotte church arklar, charlotte church ark szleri
1.a bit of earth321
2.a lullaby450
3.all love can be641
4.amazing grace428
5.ave maria491
6.ave maria another version499
7.bali hai469
9.bridge over troubled water356
10.cant help lovin dat man443
12.danny boy367
13.ding dong merrily on high476
14.draw tua bethelehem362
15.dream a dream elysium476
17.from my first moment393
18.gabriels message479
19.god rest ye merry gentlemen354
20.guide me, o thou great redeemer332
22.hark the herald angels sing362
23.i vow to thee my country386
24.if i loved you412
25.if thou art near449
26.in the bleak midwinter364
27.in trutina469
29.joy to the world357
30.just wave hello362
31.la pastorella582
32.lascia chio pianga745
33.lo, how a rose ere blooming433
35.lully, lullay527
36.mae hiraeth yn y mortheres longing in the sea503
37.marys boy child432
38.men of harlech406
39.my lagan love519
40.o come all ye faithful478
41.o holy night316
42.o mio babbino caro691
43.o tannenbaum707
44.panis angelicus520
45.papa can you hear me439
46.pie jesu662
47.plaisir damour560
49.she moved through the fair327
50.silent night418
52.songs my mother taught me640
55.the christmas song339
56.the first noel361
57.the flower duet904
58.the holy city390
59.the jewel song314
60.the last rose of summer323
61.the laughing song mein herr marquis750
62.the little drummer boy333
63.the little horses337
64.the lords prayer603
65.the prayer365
66.the water is wide386
68.tormento damore445
69.tra bo dau while two hearts343
71.voi che sapete567
72.what child is this359
73.when a child is born356
74.when at night i go to sleep438
75.winter wonderland375
76.y gylfinirthe curlew391
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