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trippy ark sz

emma phoned me at work at about half four
it was funny i didnt speak to her anyway
shes a fucking cow better than everybody
kinda speaking to her mates anyway like that
anyway we got into the time and she phones me up asked me what im doing tonight
i was only gonna sit in and watch the telly as usual wonder where everyone else was
so she says come round to rabs house and that we got some trips in

so i say id go round about six
i was about an hour late and i was knocking on the door and that and nobody answered
and i thought oh fucking brilliant they are way out with litman and that
theyll be way out on the town having a laugh
so i walk back round the road cos i thought they were way out and i phoned

turns out theyd still been there but had been so out of it they couldnt even get to the door
so i went back round
everybody was fine as usual and i got handed my half
and i thought id take it kind as im working the next day i better not go to far
but two hours later nothing is happening so i thought fuck it ill take the rest which id been warned about already

everyone was eh jumping about the room as usual, sitting giggling, having a laugh
then jeg came in his car and took us to the pub
we told jeg he should be a ranker, that was a fucking laugh
he kept telling to calm down and that like he was like our mum and dad and that
cause we were acting like waynes and that giggling and looking at the table and dropping our drinks all over the place
we made it back his car, jon finny.....................into the house then he said park it out and go home
so malcom and i get back to the house
and suddenly somebodys going on about rabner and hes still fucking there
and hes waiting outside now and looks like hes in pain or something like that
he had to go and pick up some of there stuff cause theyd used the other stuff for glastonbury the next week
and somebody had said he had apparently took some and he was writhing about in pain outside
so malcom and i walked out
hes was walking along the edge of road on the grass and that
with his fucking stomach held in his hands and screaming and that

and then we lost him he disappeared into the park we didnt know where he was
so malc and i were walking about and then we found him
but we decided we better stay back a bit kind just in case he got a fright
so we followed him up this path as thought that wasnt going to scare him anyway
when we did find him he was there doubled up in pain fucking screaming his eyes out
groaning about how his stomach was knotted and that he shouldnt be taking it, it was a stupid thing to do
so he sitting there on the hill and that with malc and i on either side
all we could do was sit giggle and look at the grass and take the piss out of him

so we get him up on his feet and start walking him about and he says hes alright
and we walked up to the garage and hes going on about his stomach
then he starts shouting about how we should get away from him before something happens

(get away get away)

in case he fucking dies or something
so he says he thought he was that fucking bad thats was going to happen and he dinne want us to be involved

(get away get away)

he always looked out for everyone else

(get away get away)

so we took him into the garage he wanted a bottle of irn bru
he was fucking downing this bottle of irn bru talking about his fucking stomach and how hed taken this to get it out of his system
talking about its already in his bile, hes desperately trying to make himself sick and hes screaming all over the fucking place
and malc and i are still laughing we din care what hes up too
he could have taken anything i dunno
maybe he..... on the way, could have injected something,
could have swallowed something nobody knows
but he just stood there with this rotten fucking face
it was all black and cut on the ride into town

hes half feed his bottle of irn bru and hes been sick
all over the fucking place..........
screaming all the fucking time about
how it was all in the fucking bile and how he wanted to be sick
he keeps fucking screaming
then he threw up

so we walked on back to the house saturation made us swear
we would tell nobody
so he goes back to the house and he fucking tells everybody
he sloaked himself in his room and started eating a bag of sugar
or something like that
while everyone else was talking what a dick he was

i ended at up at the park that night
sitting eating pringles with paula and watching the wildlife
and the next day i went to work i was still out of my face
i was pacing about on the stairs talking to myself
and writing things and he walked in
and stressed the point about making sure that no one would find out


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