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the first time youre unfaithful ark sz
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the first time youre unfaithful ark sz

the first time youre unfaithful wont be the worse time youre unfaithful.
it will probably just be a kiss with a stranger when youre on the piss.
but next time, you might fuck him or, even worse, you might suck him.
i know i said id want to know but that depends how far you go.

how do you think we will adjust. now weve incorporated lust?
and will you put my trust to test if the shaggings not the best?
you said you know what im like.

we were chatting with your sister, i was winding you up - you think ive missed her.
and she was fairly adamant im nothing but a lying cunt.

she said the first time im unfaithful wont be the worst time im unfaithful.
once ive got a taste for it, ive everything to waste for it.

so do you think i can adjust, now weve incorporated lust?
or will i put your trust to test when my behaviours not its best?
you said you know what im like.


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