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screaming in the trees ark sz

we met on mutual ground
but you avoided my gaze
until i lost your face
in the next mornings haze.

youre shoes couldve woken up the whole street.
they drowned out the birds screaming in the trees.
we sat down on the stone stairs
and i watched the scars on your knees.

we met on mutual ground.
you fell out of your dress.
this bars not open late enough,
so lets go home and make a mess.
they smiled and left the room
to leave us with more space
but we stayed where we were
and just had a drink to the chase.

a good night kiss equals a quick reaction
but its hard to believe im fully grown.
so as usual, we parted on vague terms,
so you could climb back on your thrown.

haunt me

haunt me.
i know
youll keep me
in tow.

no laugh,
no guide,
no limp

so haunt me
cause i know
youll keep me
in tow.

if shes all
i need
to love
and breed.

then haunt me
cause ill know
youll keep me
in tow.


you always jump and quiver
when youre coming in to land
with no runway, no guidance
no nails dug into my hand.

we could have whoever we want.
we could go back to school
and see the dead laugh again.
lets get dressed up and pull.

the only benefit of drinking.
the downside of what we take.
some weekends i feel
like i could always be awake.

a party in a strangers house.
have we ever met the host?
just smile and keep talking
and get your can for a toast.

we wont always be safe here
but this is where we reign.
pull it tight to protect us.
we might never sleep again.


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