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piglet ark sz

youd already been half an hour with pre-clubbing shower and id always planned to have a look in your special winnie the pooh book. the place was marked and it was there in blue and white - it just said simply, "paul stayed last night."

next i was on the bog and you got down on one knee.
you were protesting your innocence and you started to cry as i started to pee.

you said, "i didnt shag him, he slept on the couch in the kitchen.
he might as well be a girl, hes a good for a laugh and hes good for bitchin."

you said youd never be willing or able.
and he looks like he was made on a fucking table.
although, to be fair, i think he hides the bolts quite well, but as soon as he opens his mouth you can just tell.
i had just assumed youd completely gone off shagging and i can you seen you with your new uni pals, standing bragging. now hes your boyfriend and i know you were talking shite but you still denied it when i met you at someones birthday party the other night.

you said, "i didnt shag him, he slept on the couch in the kitchen. we have a good laugh when were sitting bitchin."

the words that you used to think turned me on just made me laugh - "do you want to suck my cunt?" in real life just sounds naff.
and when we were with your friends i just as well might of been no one.
and you cant get over your dead dog - well it takes one to know one.


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