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my favourite muse ark sz

i pulled the ex last night, and it felt weird to feel her up again.
knickers down, and bra cast as if the past and not passed.

and she brought the drinks all night, but thats okay, now shes got a job.
her generosity - my curse. she even let me keep her purse.

but i couldnt get it up - too much to drink, too much to say.
she picked her clothes up off the floor and promptly headed for the door.

i was just trying to use my favourite muse.
i dont think i could ever want her back, im just making sure shes still capable of being slack.

and shes got trouble with her boyfriend now.
i always said he was a prick.
i told her from the very start, when she almost broke my heart.

and my rooms a mess this morning.
she left her fag-ends floating in a glass.
i didnt try and make her stay. i doubt she would have anyway.

i was just trying to use my favourite muse.
its nice to see shes still slack. i could never want her back.


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