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hey fever ark sz

the corn was funny
i hoped you enjoyed it
i like what were doing
but its never outspoken
so i dont know what to say
and i dont know what to do
and im still not sure if i should be honest with you

it was cool when all left together last night
half two in the morning i swear it was light
you run off ahead we brought up the rear
by the time arrived you had drank all our beer

the skin was peeling off of my beery face
and i used my passion on my blisters in case
and then i had a quick talk so it would last longer
and i went maybe before lunch though we had something stronger
you tied your hair, your pen in my face
and i passed it again cos i cant take the pace
the come down was general but once it felt nice
im getting a haircut and i want you like this

in a room full of people we were under the covers
our kisses were silent and our hands were our lovers
and then we panicked when your mum arrived at the door
the tampling was fun but i think i want more

you said im okay but your just having fun
and we were right with the girls and get drunk in the sun
i would of tried to talk you round but you know im not a believer
you noticed my eyes were red
but i was just with hay fever

okay then ill just agree to, to see you when i see you -repeat-

went out for the weekend it lasted forever
got high with my friends
its officially summer -repeat-



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