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here we go ark sz

how am i supposed to walk you home when youre at least fifty feet ahead?
cause you walked off in a huff and im that pissed i cant even remember what it was i said.

and i dont doubt you wouldnt touch him now, but lets face it, you always use to go for that kind.
and if you ever really wanted two men at once, all im saying is i better be one of the guys youve got in mind.

here we go same time, same place.
i dont like the way you kiss his face.
its not that theres no trust as such.
id love to make up but ive had to much.

now you know fine well im staying, ive only ever carried out that threat once before.
and even then i coudnt get far and youre mum came and called me back before id even made it to the door.

here we go same time, same place.
my embarassment versus your damp face.
we could down here or we could talk in bed.
but im afraid thats all, as ive already said.


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