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girls of summer ark sz

were sitting fruity alchopops with pink glasses with ice and watching the girls of summer
with there bare legs and trains and there white strap link through yesterdays top beneath todays cologne
across there peeling shoulders on there way to the bar

later i put my tape in the bath in attempt to shave, well almost cut and ending up slashing my cheek and nickin my lip
and spraying on some poof juice and go to the park with my economy cider

i dont think ill need a jacket

itll be bright when the carry outs are finished
and we head to the pub to get everyone else
leaving our empties kicked behind a bush
well get em in there and casually saunter into the bogs and swallow
and get taxis down to a club
the micelet and magpie through the window on the way
in the hope theyll get a shag

but ill wake up clamouring a girl i know fully clothed on someones couch ive barely slept for two hours
all sweaty and thoughtful and needing a fix
and then youll wake up
and the first thing well do is to make plans to get pissed
so well sit in a pub and watch the girls of summer.


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