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autumnal ark sz

if you learn to drive,
i can use the train and the bus.
when youre mobile, well go.
take my toys and your cat with us.
well leave the violence,
well have something to do.
with a couch-bed in the front room for when we fall out or when our friends come through.
its painting a kitchen thats keeping me going
and weve already named the seeds ill be sowing.
and when theyve grown up (thats hoping that i dont shoot blanks), could we move right up north,
find a house near the shores and the banks?
with a big fuck-off telly,
a brand new stereo system.
well meet old friends at funerals
and pretend that weve missed them.
and if they were here,
theyd say it was shocking to find
weve already named the dog well be walking.
its choosing a mattress thats keeping me going
and weve already named the seeds ill be sowing.


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