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chante moore, chante moore arklar, chante moore ark szleri
1.a different light374
2.am i losing you385
3.as if we never met453
4.because youre mine633
5.better than making love372
7.blooming flower346
8.candlelight and you368
9.chantes got a man523
10.down on my knees388
11.everything we want375
12.finding my way back to you340
13.free / sail on345
14.go ahead with all that288
16.i cry to myself417
17.i started crying415
18.i wanna love405
19.i want to thank you353
20.if i gave love368
21.in my life384
22.inside my love383
24.its alright659
25.im keeping you491
26.im what you need444
27.ive got the love493
28.listen to my song427
29.love and the woman391
30.loves still alright589
31.loves taken over586
34.my special perfect one343
35.old school lovin570
37.satisfy you327
39.sexy thang403
40.soul dance500
41.straight up332
42.take care of me376
43.thank you for lovin me544
44.this is a test311
45.this moment is mine419
46.this time368
47.thou shalt not403
48.train of thought370
49.wey u797
50.when it comes to me385
51.who do i turn to378
52.without your love interlude489
53.you cant leave me662
54.your home is in my heart348
55.your loves supreme559
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