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woman to hare ark sz

woman to cat to hare and back
woman to cat to hare
i shall go with care
a woman with power may fool a man
as a hare i shall go from his sight
to most anywhere
racing with the wind behind me
chasing cross the fields of green
running with the speed a hare can
never shall this hare be seen
a woman, not a hare, shall snare a man
but the hare and the cat shall know
whereer hes at
his secrets and his solitude shall not be his
for a man with a plan and a mind
i wish not to find
i have watched many men in their beds as they lie
as a cat i have sat and i know
what i should not know
they may think they are strong and are brave and they rule this world
but with quiet and with magick and with hare
they do not compare


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