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church of madness ark sz

here come the christian knights
dressed in red and white
to bring the holy word and set the world alight
here comes a plague of idiots blinded by their faith
here comes the inquisition to burn you at the stake
here comes the church of madness
bearing gifts of death and torture
here comes the church of madness
of jesus christ their lord
the fire and the fury
to be our judge to be our jury
here comes the church of madness
of jesus christ their lord
a new dark age descending, its torquemadas dream
liberty lies raped, crushed, broken
neath the christian war machine
nation after nation falling
in the shadow of the christian sword
with death they bring the lore of love
what do they tell the people of their old crusades?
of the women and the children
impaled on christian blades
rejoice they say for we are saved
and we must sing the fight
sing it till your lungs burst or theyll set you alight


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