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all the devils men ark sz

all the devils
in christs name they do their evil
all the devils men
still mad and medieval
with their swords and with their guns
and poisoned words upon their tongues
all the devils men
hear the children scream
for they shall teach them christian values
put monsters in their dreams
and subject them to pain and torment
with their straps and with their canes
they shall teach them fear and shame
all the devils men

if they cant burn you at the stake
then your children they will take
with the malice of their lies
they are here to defile
to destroy all our lives
what they do, they do for christ
and we are all the victims
every man, woman and child

all the devils men
their twin gods are christ and satan
all the devils men
hide your babes for they shall take them
with the law upon their side
they bring death and genocide

all the devils men
by the sword and by the lash
they will break you, they will take you
in the shadow of their cross
lie the victims of their tortures
in the churches and the schools
they still take us for their fools
all the devils men

all the devils men
clutching to their dying empire
all the devils men
clutching at their blood-stained bibles
their final days have come at last
and they shall fade into the past
all the devils men!


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