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chaka khan, chaka khan arklar, chaka khan ark szleri
1.a woman in a mans world629
2.aint nobody505
3.aint nothin but a maybe466
4.aint that peculiar448
5.all nights all right759
6.all of me598
7.all of me alternate take374
8.and the melody still lingers on night in tunisia302
9.any old sunday371
10.at midnight my love will lift you up335
11.baby me393
12.be my eyes407
13.best in the west316
14.best of your heart323
15.betcha i442
16.better together351
17.blue love315
18.body heat379
19.caught in the act391
20.change your ways343
22.coltrane dreams414
23.come my house530
24.dance wit me570
27.dont go to strangers532
28.dont look at me that way465
29.dont talk strangers499
30.earth to mickey374
32.everlasting love478
33.every little thing356
34.everything changes383
36.facts of love392
38.father he said412
39.feel good383
40.get ready, get set348
41.give me all432
42.got to be there359
44.half moon505
45.haulin coal634
46.heed the warning363
50.i cant be loved512
51.i feel for you318
52.i finally found you395
53.i got the right street but the wrong direction354
54.i hear music383
55.i know you, i live you395
56.i love you porgy680
57.i mean you585
58.i remember u518
59.i want433
60.i was made to love him383
61.in love we grow423
62.its my party feat cecil womack502
63.its you559
64.ill be around522
65.ill never b another fool438
66.im a woman im a backbone491
67.im dancing for your love423
68.im every woman502
70.journey the center of your heart329
71.keep givin me lovin501
72.keep it coming402
73.life is a dance587
75.live in me350
76.look through my eyes314
77.losers in love403
78.love has fallen on me364
79.love me still360
80.love of a lifetime327
81.love with no strings335
82.love you all my lifetime352
83.magic in your eyes399
85.maybe your baby343
86.medley: love the one youre with/sit yourself down62
87.move me no mountain358
88.music man the dj song415
89.my destiny352
90.my love is alive367
91.night moods398
92.nothings gonna take you away475
93.once you get started324
94.ooh i like your loving346
95.our loves in danger459
96.packd my bags472
97.papillon aka hot butterfly397
98.pass it on a sure thing pasa lo esta seguro363
99.please pardon me you remind me of a friend347
100.pop my clutch372
102.reconsider u betta327
103.right is right350
104.roll me through the rushes330
106.secret friend590
107.sharing the love344
108.signed, sealed, delivered im yours471
109.sleep on it361
110.slip n slide459
111.slow dancin feat rick james468
112.smokin room410
113.so close325
114.so naughty437
115.so not to worry325
116.some love414
117.somebodys watching you435
118.somethin deep521
119.soul talkin feat bobby mcferrin538
121.spring can really hang you up the most326
123.sticky wicked377
124.stop on by321
125.stranger to love359
126.street player358
127.stronger than before363
128.sweet thing331
129.swing down chariot491
130.take the a-train427
131.tearin it up541
133.tell me something good369
134.the drama365
135.the end of a love affair feat george benson440
136.the message in the middle of the bottom327
137.the other side of the world372
138.the woman i am359
139.them there eyes422
140.theres no tellin484
141.this crazy life of mine341
142.this is my night418
143.this time437
144.through the fire354
145.tight fit444
146.too much love351
147.true love399
148.try a little understanding582
151.walkin in the sun469
152.watching the world350
153.we can work it out369
154.we got each other352
155.we got the love feat george benson400
156.what cha gonna do for me472
157.what you did444
158.where are you tonight379
159.whoevers thrilling you516
160.whos it gonna be470
161.you can make the story right352
162.you got the love441
163.your love is all i know329
164.your smile403
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