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come here boy ark sz

its dark in here
visions are flashing into my head
as i reminisce
my reoccuring dreams and you said

im falling, falling for you babe,
and my feelings are gettin stronger,
so why dont you stay with me for a
for a little longer

come here boy,
oh come here boy,
come here boy
oh come here boy

i know that my face
is only too familiar to your sleep
i can see it in your eyes
i can tell by your body heat

why are you taking so long
you need to come and find me, honey
to set your mind at rest
and let your dreams run free.

you know, im no stranger in your dreams

im craving im howling im begging and pleading
be mine tonight

oh and im waiting im dying, im wanting and needing
to show you a night

where ill be touching and holding caressing and giving you
your every fantasy
ill get you dreaming and lusting burning and praying
for more of this ecstasy.


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