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think too much ark sz

do you think about the moon?
made you feel real special cause
it followed you everywhere
do you think about the sun showers?
the way you like to run naked in them and
shampoo your hair
do you think about why we sneeze in the sun?
wish my freckles would just leave us alone
do you think about when youre older
will they make a sunday night movie
about your life?
you think you got tattoos
your grandkids are gonna like?

well is your cup half empty? is your cup half full?
whatcha gonna be
when you grow up?
are you a gym teacher,
rock star, or superhero
in a major motion picture
action feature, creature?
over and over figure it out
maybe today well find the message in the clouds
maybe tomorrow well crush a
nickel on a railroad track
time is running out i think i think too much

do you think about the guy
that you first kissed?
yeah his tongue went in circles
practically missed your lips
do you think hes now the worlds greatest lover?
or sitting at home
watching cnn on tnt or tv?
do you think about your past life?
were you a countess, or
a vagabond or james bond or
yeah, but bisexual
do you think i should acre what you think


do you think about all the books
you havent read?
are you a street smart cat
or are you just an intellect?
do you think about this now:
the girl who made you miserable
in junior high; made you cry?
do you thinks shes smoking
like five packs of cigarettes a day
and going to therapy...
wait i wasnt finished


do you think its normal
for white people to wear dreadlocks?
are you a barefoot earthling
or a hermit in socks
guys in tuxedos are
kind of deceiving
but you know, you see them in the park, jogging along
its a little more revealing
do you think about your funeral?
if you died how many people
are gonna show up?
do you think were capable of change
or were just gonna, oh screw up our children?
do you think about fires-
who do you rescue first
your kids or your sleeping husband?


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