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straw into gold ark sz

i wonder if you sleep right now
do you realize im clinging to
the edge of this bed i have
nowhere to go - i have nowhere
if i leave youll call me quitter
if i stay youll punish me with silence and somehow
youll fall asleep...youll fall asleep

well do you know that i wont sleep -
no i wont sleep all night long
as your silhouette turns its back on my spoon
im mesmerized by the ricochet moon
leaping this leprechauns ["rumplestiltskins" in next chorus] wall
im so disenchanting
intoxicated by my own tears soul
and come tomorrow
when my beauty is old
like a speckled princess
ill try to cash in clovers for gold

so ill light a candle and begin to
write, turn to my work as refuge
though my womb is a rush hour taxi
ride, but i will try
to metamorphose pain along my plight
but ill despise each word i write
so i am clinging to the
edge like some soap-opera star
with her ten second fade
as the light cascades
do you love me anymore?


ill try to spin straw into gold
straw into gold...straw into gold...straw into gold
spinning for mercy
spinning for hope
spinning for love
spinning for gold


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