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planet z ark sz

sitting in my easy chair
i got no friends but i really dont care
i dont remember birthdays
i dont remember names
people talk to me
i know not what they say
well my political policy is laissez faire
you keep off my thoroughfare
my weeds grow like roses
my gardens like greed
my temples are discotheques for refugees

its all about me
on my very own planet z
where im lonely but im free
nothing gets in my way
i think im gonna have to stay right here

well my pizza delivery guys; they all wear suits
and all my musicians they play in the nude
the lawyers wear nipple rings
they kiss my ass
and the french horn players are
in the most demand


planet z
you cant predict the weather
but its fine with me
cant you see
i dont like when you bother me
planet z
the stars are brighter in my galaxy
thirteen moons revolve around, around, around...


well these lovely little snowflakes are everywhere
theyre the spitballs that you blow in my hair
well i wont remember your birthday
i wont remember your name
just keep talking to me
im not listening



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