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fool out of me ark sz

hey - just when you think you are the shit
well, you look down and your fly is unzipped
thats when you take a moment to say,
"well, sometimes im so totally unhip."
just when the great ones inspire you
to throw caution to the wind
thats when the mirror mirror on the wall says,
"babe, you better throw your towel in."

all that i dont know
paralyzes me
but somehow i keep going on
just settling for this mediocrity
and i wonder if god is trying to make a fool out of me
wonder if god is trying to make a fool out of me
wonder if god is trying to make a fool out of me

there are legends who die
and ive never even heard their songs
and there are heroes of a generation
whose poetry is not on my shelf
and my soliloquies would make shakespeare
turn over in his grave
and voyagers would forbid me
to join in their crusade


i wish i could fight against ali and win
i wish i could write with joni mitchells pen
sail the atlantic on a paddle boat
i wish i could smile like bobby de niro
i wish that the lotto was the number of my telephone
i wish i could sing a duet with bono
cause i dont want to sound like
anyone else, you know
i just wanna take you under my spell
excuse me for saying
what i know down deep is my sin
but maybe ill fool everybody into thinking
i know just what i am doing



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