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question of reality ark sz

i called today to say my goodbyes
mistook your mood, i began to beg you
promises kept like yesterdays news
thanks for the memories and thanks for the time
thoughts come to me just like you take to me
so why do you stop as im begging for more?
when you look at me is there anything to see but you
when you think about me is anything real at all?

slowly draining away
its such a shame, youve missed the point again
i cant let reality seep in
i thank you

i only do it to feel you watch me
confused intentions, you begin to beg me
thanks for the memories and thanks for the time
just like a voice thats heard by a child
hidden away too close to be seen
why do you call as im waiting at your door
when you think about me, is anything real at all

chorus (2x)

i thank you (2x)

chorus (2x)

i thank you


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