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death ark sz

i love the sound of your tears
i cant listen anymore
are you choking on your words?
he never got on his knee
if one little push is all it took
maybe one would help to realize
youre the edge on which i live
i stare but i see nothing
youre not here to guide me
cant break the flow - one more push

give it to me
you should know that ill take more from you
give in to me
you should hope that i will not cut you out

take one last look at me and tell me i change
or just give in to temptations around me
maybe when i come back ill be known a little more
but then i could be known less
misconceptions made me


sounds are not so clear
distortion making clearer
(hounded/handed) out kisses
slow it down, but make it faster
finish up the beginning
shine the light on my shadow
relaxation techniques
pointing at an arrow
reach out your arms to be held
stretch out your mouth to be loved
cant break the flow - one more push

give it to me (2x)

chorus (4x)


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