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bruised ark sz

bruised, but i wont tell about that
i cant escape the monotony of hate
and forgivenesss can not become me
you can not come back to me
i wont sink to this (wonderful)
the tongue is in the cheek
if only my will was not so weak
youre so wrong, im not the one
youre so wrong, and so wrong
at least i think ive learned a lesson
cause i can look back with retrospect
but not to ponder, and not to wonder

you are so wrong
i couldnt build it up to take it down
and i get youre so strong
i couldnt build it up to take it down

hands appear at night
i feel as though ive been awake for days
i shed my skin, and i shed my sleep chains
look the other way as you come my way
you look slimmer and your breasts look better than ever
what the fuck?
no one ever sees, no one ever hears
all they can do is breathe, stop the touch

chorus (2x)

chorus (2x)


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