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rise ark sz

(claude s.)

i can watch the time go by
like a broken tape machine
playing over all the parts
of a forgotten scene

sometimes i can feel the world
as if it were a dream
all wrapped up inside of me
id like to set it free

i can close my eyes to all the
suffering i see
i can tell that all of this is
one more test for me

so rise!
we will rise above it all

all throughout our history
we try to understand
what the books dont tell us is what
hides within the man

still well remember all the
pain that brought us here
dont regret the struggles that will
stay in you for years...

so rise!
we will rise above it all

we can rise so high
above the great divided skies
we can make ourselves believe
we know the reasons why...

so rise!
we will rise above it all


(we will all ascend)


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