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send it in a letter ark sz

i saw it somewhere in a magazine
or maybe saw it playing on a tv screen
something about love - now i forget it
maybe it was how not to regret it
oh yeah
i heard it playing out on the radio
it said when youre in love you gotta take it slow
but baby with you i cant beat about it
i just got to make you believe it
oh yeah
so ill
send it in a letter baby
write it on the wall
thats the way i like it
losing all control
send it in a letter baby
then youll understand
you put a start on me
right through the heart of me
somebody help me now get back to ground
the way you got me turnin upside down
but baby you know i cant do without it
i get depressed just thinking about it
oh yeah
cause i like all the things that you do to me
and im sending my message to you
you got a special kind of mystery
and it sends me on


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