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everytime ark sz

can you believe my luck
can you believe our love
everything you do is somehow just so amazing
you take me to the clouds above
with you the only way is up
baby in your eyes im helpless you drive me crazy
i know your face like it were part of me
and your embrace is just to good to believe
everytime you feel the rush, everytime its only us
everytime, im swept off my feet
everytime we need to touch, everytime its much too much
everytime, everytime i feel your love (oh yeah)
still feels like our first kiss
the only thing i cant resist
everything we do just keeps getting better baby
aint nowhere that id rather be
nothing else i want to see (dont you know) when im in your arms the best of my life surrounds me
i know your hands like they were made for me the way you give exactly just what i need everytime
everytime i lay you down
i feel like youre forever, i feel like im the one everytime i feel your love (oh yeah)
the way we make love, i just cant get enough the way you look at me i fall at your feet oh
ill never let you down cause youre the only thing i need
youre everything to me
everytime i lay you down,
i feel like youre forever, i feel like im the one everytime i feel your love (oh yeah)


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