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dont say goodbye ark sz

how can i go on
when i know i gave it all
have i given too much?
something inside your heart is pushing me aside
and it seems so un-you baby
but its so hard on me
what is it im seeing in your eyes?
the story that im reading says goodbye
tell me baby where did we go wrong?
how did we lose a love so strong?
what can i say to make things right?
baby hold on - dont leave tonight
theres no reason why this part of us should die
dont say goodbye
searching for answers
but theyre oh so hard to find
cause im still loving you, baby
oh, are you still loving me?
baby dont you turn and close the door
is it you dont love me any more?
dont leave me now
all alone
dont bring me down
cause im not that strong
i need your love to carry on
theres no reason why this part of us should die
dont say goodbye


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