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dont cry ark sz

sometimes things can get crazy
but thats no reason to go run and hide
i havent heard from you lately
the days and nights just keep on passing by
well i guess that its over
but i have no fear in letting go
i gotta look to the future
its time to face the music
and make it on my own, so
dont cry for me baby
im operating on a natural high
dont you cry for me baby
the past is over, so kiss it goodbye
dont you stand in my shadow
cause when you do i take it personal
i guess its time to let you go
cant sit here waiting for a miracle
i got to get a reaction
communication seems to be a no
what happened to the attraction
if i dont get an answer
i think i better go so,
dont you cry for me
dont shed a tear for me
im gonna be al - right
dont you cry for me
im not in misery
i cant wait
im gonna have me a good time
so dry your eyes, no need to cry, no time for sad goodbyes
its time to go, nothing to show, so baby dont you cry


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