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walking with the kid ark sz

were going out on sunday afternoon
were gonna show the world what were made of
me & my buddy will be dressed to kill

well cruise to the playgroung & the park
gonna fool aroung til it gets dark
if you think well have some fun well you know we will
all of oursecrets
you know were gonna keep em hid
when we get home theyll wanna know
everything we did

walking with the kid
walking with the kid

were known around the neighborhood
yeah we got a real reputation
the bad guys all respect us cause were family

were not afraid of anything at all
cause we can handle any situation
if my partner gets in trouble well its up to me
all our friends are envious
though theyll never let it show
sure enough later on
everyones just gotta know
what we were
what we did

walking with the kid
walking with the kid

walking, talking one on one
walking, walking with my son


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