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stagger lee ark sz

the night was clear, and the moon was yellow

and the leaves came tumblin down...

i was standin on the corner

when i heard my bull dog bark.

he was barkin at the two men

who were gamblin in the dark.

it was stagger lee and billy,

two men who gambled late.

stagger lee threw a seven,

billy swore that he threw eight.

"stagger lee," said billy,

"i cant let you go with that.

"you have won all my money,

"and my brand-new stetson hat."

stagger lee went home

and he got his.44.

he said, "im goin to the ballroom

"just to pay that debt i owe."


go, stagger lee

stagger lee went to the ballroom

and he strolled across the ballroom floor.

he said "you did me wrong, billy."

and he pulled his.44.

"stagger lee," said billy,

"oh, please dont take my life!

"ive got three hungry children,

"and a very sickly wife."

stagger lee shot billy

oh, he shot that poor boy so hard

that a bullet went through billy

and broke the bartenders bar.

go, stagger lee, go, stagger lee!

go, stagger lee, go, stagger lee!

(to fade)


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