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so little kindness ark sz

i cant believe it after so long
how can the memories really be gone
now i dont deny its over
but why must you be so cold
i cant believe it

so little kindness
yeah baby thats too bad
saw you this evening out on the town
you went outta your way just to put me down
now why got this chip on your sholder
when i dont even love you no more
i cant belive it

so little kindness
baby its sad
cause we cont even talk about the little things
after this love we had
so little kindness
baby thats too bad
so sad child child

dont worry baby
im not gonna stand in your way
now that its gone
our love is strong
no matter what you say

so little kindness
youre so blind
that you cant even recognize a real thing
when it was yours and mine
so little kindness
after all this time

so little kindness
baby its sad
cause we cant even talk about anything
after what we once had
so little kindness
so little kindness
so little kindness
im looking for some kindness
i need some kindness
can i just have some kindness
give me some kindness


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