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plan b ark sz

johnny colla/huey lewis
cause and effect music/huey lewis music. all rights administered by hulex music, ascap

wasnt forever the word you used?
always together, you said we cant lose
picture of a minister, bells and lace
and all of the relatives in one place
and then right in the middle of the party
you want to change your mind
well its time for me to wake up to reality
plan b

i should have known better, a girl so fine
they tell me it happens all the time
nothing but trouble tip to toe
and tons of attention everywhere you go
well, youre the kind of girl that
makes a little dog break a big chain
theres only one option thats left for me
plan b

i guess it was too good to b true
all that devotion and attitude
but you found somebody you had missed
and that was the one thing that you cant resist
so you tell me that you love me
then you kick me out in the street
well, its time for me to face up to reality
plan b


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