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heaven ark sz

(claude s.)
i stumbled on a hillside, begging
for the answer to a dream where
id turned myself to stone...
and in the dream there was a girl,
she shook my hand, i said hello...
it folded as i crumbled...

i dont know why all the rains must
always fall into me. there are colors
in the sky we cannot see,
i do believe...
and she said,

heaven is the only way to fade...

and so i told myself id have to find
my way across alone. there are no
reasons why...just then the birds
that flew all took me in their wings
and then i knew;
everything is surely something...

my father died never knowing what
it was, and it was plain...
it doesnt matter what you do or
what you say, just sense the pain...
and she said,

heaven is the only way to fade...

so when i shut my eyes i cannot
wait for the replies from her. im
sure shell understand...that after
all the time is gone ill know ive
lived my life in full, as great as i
could be...

and in the dream the girl
reached out into the dream the girl
reached out into the night, we flew
away...i asked her if she had any
old regrets that made her stay...
and she said,

heaven is the only way to fade...
(for my father, who died never knowing
what it was and it was plain)


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