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i never think about you ark sz

chris hayes/john pierce/huey lewis
kinda blue music/bob-a-lew songs/ huey lewis music, ascap

when i wake up in the morning -- same old time
believe it or not baby, youre the last thing on my mind
i dont miss the conversation -- there was nothin left to say
staring at the ceiling, you just cant live your life that way

now im living by myself without a care in the world
i never think about you
and im happy as ive ever been -- well, i pretend i am
i never think about you

i dont remember -- you know i dont care
i dont even remember the color of your hair
i used to think i loved you - it was just a fantasy
i quit pretending that you mean anything to me

i dont remember how many times ive cried
looking for reasons that we said goodbye


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