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hey, jonny ark sz

had race bannnons car for just five minutes
i had to back in and get my phone
when i came back again, he saw his car
well, i thought it had crashed on its own
what a bummer, i was so bought down
race chased me all over rockport town yellin

hey, jonny
hey, jonny
hey, jonny
whats wrong with you?

took my girl jess to the dayton disco
i jumpin like a maniac
but estella came and pulled me off the floor
then she later took me round the back
she said " i really like your shirt from the 50s
your jeans are groovy and your hairs okay
but you dont sneak upon my jessie like that
sorry, jonny but could you go away?"


now im at home
im watchin "dungeons and dragons"
i guess time to trade races old car in
for my twenty buck from the flagons
guess i could take to my dad
or im in trouble
hadji could give me advice
no wait, that could burst my bubble
race looked me in the eye and later then
he said "jonny, you blew it again"


(hey, jonny
whats wrong with you?)

listen, im accident prone
no really

(hey, jonny
whats wrong with you?)

oh man
race, can i make it up to ya?

(hey, jonny
whats wrong with you?)

hey, hey
i didnt mean to crash your car


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