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degenerate ark sz

(claude s.)

all this time i wondered why
and when did it go away.
everything i told you then
turned out into an empty space...
all my dreams, i watched them
slip away from me in a haze.
you will cover all my shame
and trust with a sea of hate...
you let me down...
mercy is a concept that my
soul will not accept...
all the fury of a thousand
wounds i will not regret.
all i know is all i feel, and now i
cant seem to find, a pile of
words, and all the broken glory
of a bloody crime...
you let me down...
trust is soulless as the ends of
days that i used to see,
like a picture in a book ive
read but dont dare to look.
degenerated by a thousand words
that you used to say,
cant believe that in my mind i
wanted you to stay...
you let me down...
you let me down...
you let me down...


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