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contempt ark sz

(claude s.)

sometimes all we want to do is
die, cause everything they
taught us was a lie.
no one cares for anyone you
are. nothing to remind us of
how far all of us have gone to
go nowhere, still an empty
thought, a lonely chair.
something has to change or
simply break. before all of this
madness overtakes...
it means nothing at all.
it means nothing at all.
somewhere in the back of
some ones mind, they sit
around just waiting for a sign.
no one to believe or comprehend,
this feeling of injustice
will not end. time is standing
farther everyday. silence is
achieved by whats not said.
everything will end inside of
me. everything will end up
with a scream.
it means nothing at all...
it means nothing at all...
weve lost all feeling...
someone on the news has just
been killed. all this need need for
blood has been fulfilled.
i can see the weakness and
decay, but i cant seem to
make it go away...
it means nothing at all...
it means nothing at all...


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