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word is bond ark sz



word is bond
pop pop pop pop
grab your chest
now ya bleedin(punk)lead out ya asshole (x4)
i break it off
like a kit-kat
casue ya cant git that
worth while style
underground sound
so now your frontin
tryin to fake it
complain ya never make it
and pretty soon youre open butt naked
so your ass starts to rob and steel
madd jealous cause my shits got mass appeal
and now im rhymin wit diamond d
with some brand new shit for the year of 93
i got a loop on my crate
and im duckin
the way im rhymin on the break
till the brothers, fuck it
ya know i got the funky sound
ya still up un the air
cause last year i said jump around
im rollin thick
so i know you see me
i got mad little white kids,
wishin they could be me
so dont step up cause im a come out blastin
you just a quickie
punk, im everlastin


now let me hear my man(my man, my man, my man)

yo its diamond d
the psycotic, narrotic
pizza idiotic
smoke em
boom thats exotic
with my man everlastin
brothas be askin me
for the fee
kid, my name aint sebastion
give em my moms demo tapes
foamn at the mouth
dreamin of makin papes
i know your thirsty
lord have mercy
i got ten acts
and ya want to be the first, g
come on, dad
let me breathe yeah
dont be the lint ball on my sleeve
wanna be down and diggin wit the crates
have dough in the pocket
and sleep way past 8
i know the feelin
ya wanna be the one weelin and dealin
but your shit aint appealin
so make haste
ill stick it to a like paste
dont sleep
i got the 9 on my waist


i lick shots for the soul assasins
i lick shots fot the diamond d
i lick shots for the everlastin
and i lick shots for the d-i-t-c
yo im more respected
my necks protected
so dont get started
just disregard it
cause im retarted
with an agrial stubin
when i see a bootleg
i take my record and dupe it
scoop it
just like a news reporter
im causin disorder
because im sorta
sick of loosin money
when i work so hard
so if i catch ya bootleggin
im a pull your card



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