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while im here ark sz

cockni odire and my man, divine
danny boy, you my brother till the end of time
the big boss, ross, for engineerin the track
my man, bilal bashir, for his backyard shack
my man, sadat x, for a pocket full of stress
and my man, diamond, for when he kicks it out west
for my man, j. disco, and fly ty, too
my man, frank ball, for the phat tattoo
my peoples king emms and mike nadone
killa rhyme klik, the kings of the microphone
my man, dj lee, cause his beats are so stank
and these are just a few people that i wish to thank
my man, lucky locked up, and avinar
my man, albee, just for chasin squals

i got a whole lotta love to give
i still got a lotta love to give
i still got a lotta love to give
i got a whole lotta love to give

my girl, t-love, for the hook-up and vibe
and dilated peoples be down with the tribe
a yes yall, i lowball with peter greene
killa rhyme klik be wreckin the scene



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