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where im from ark sz

thats where im from
thats where im from

back in the hub we used to drop madel
contemplate in hell
the stories i could tell would
freak your mind, and wreck your brain
the thoughts i would have
would drive most insane
the band playin rain
gettin down wit jimmy
hendrix, and page
make up the rage
back in the huddle
mclous back yard
me and d was starvin
and times were hard
danny used to roll through
schemin on the hustle
credit cards and slang
and m-mc bangin
leathal used to come with his reel to reel
we didnt have no deal
but that wasnt the point, wed
rock a funky joint
then wed rock another
the only thing to eat
was some bread, and peanut butter
back to all the females that beded me
in case you ever wondered
they didnt forget me
these are the times that i always think of
and this is dedicated to the ones i love

thats where im from
wherere you goin if you dont look back
whats the use of havin ends
if you lose all your friends (x4)

paintin on the wall
ten years gone by
playin on the stereo
with the volume kinda low
scheme teams comin
bring me along
we gonna throw a hut party
till the break of dawn
with the soul poppin, thats soul poetry
chameleon playin bringin wit that team
bring a tab and a 40 and a bag of weed
thats all i need g
caue i aint freaky
trippin for days
runnin the maze
goin down to venice
sippin on the guinness
these are the times that i always think of
and this is dedicated to the ones i love


now times have change
and im on tour
and i dont see my friend every day no more
and cause they dont see me
they think ive changed
but, i the same motherfucker no doubt
whats it all about
i thought we was people
im tryin to get mine
i thought you had my back
man, i cant understand
they used to slap my hand
ask me for a grand
and run wit your man
behind my back and diss me
if you wanna fuck me
first ya gotta kiss me

chorus (x3)


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