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whats that smell ark sz

i say lord.. have mercy.

i say...

stop! hey, whats that sound?
everybody look whats goin down.

im everlastin.
forever on a roll
im rockin to the boat,
steamin gray matter tone.
i aint sayin im god, but you can graft this.
chances are if im a star, id be johnny mathis.
on some smooth s--t, id be gaming all the honeys.
hitting hugh hefner with his playboy bunnies.
check the sunday funnies, i be reading doonesbury.
see me after dark, love, s--t be getting scary.
ill freak you
like carrie on the night of the prom
lets keep it
cool and calm
ill start stroking your palm.
work my way up your arm,
and start kissing your ear.
maybe licking your lips, then pulling your hair.
yeah i freak the back spasm, to get the -----.
and if my legs cramp, girl, i lick that stamp
i got it sewn, love
so you aint got no worries.
hold up, wait a second.
my visions getting blurry.

stop. hey.
whats that smell?
someone laced dust all up in my l.
b----es start sweatin once the pockets swell.
lets take it back 14,000,000 cells.

periodic measures
to say my rhymes.
too much of this dope
need growth-type slow
of a poets tree, let me blow my leaves
shake off my roots and pull up my sleeves.
break a branchling wist stick.
lyrics for the mystical.
yo fancy, shake your chancy.
our transystem is torn mcs
i hymn-zen, then im casualies.
pot smoke-seeds, relativities
seize it, i be
on every first ability
of chaos, a higher form of infinity
gettin me virtually supreme id.
perfecters and tackers
at which my faster phrased words
super-lax, break raps, and mcs jump off wacks.
revolves and steers,
and still sees time stilt.
i work for real bill divine, its lyrical chill.

i say...
stop! hey! whats that smell....etc.


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